SunSource Joins Forces with Callahan Weber Hydraulics

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SunSource Joins Forces with Callahan Weber Hydraulics

We are excited to announce that effective August 1, 2014, Callahan Weber Hydraulics has joined forces with SunSource.

SunSource is one of North America’s leading fluid power distribution companies, providing products, services and information in hydraulics, pneumatics, filtration, automation systems, and related industrial components, serving both the industrial and mobile equipment markets. The foundation for SunSource’s impressive reputation has been built by merging a select group of distribution and repair companies. Each has a proven track record of serving their customers well and being the industry leader in their geographic region.

At Callahan Weber Hydraulics, whether it is sales or service, customer service is the core of what we do. We design, install, and repair hydraulic components and systems. We have some of the best repair and service technicians in the business and our focus will remain and serving our customers. Additionally, our product offering consists of some of the premier hydraulic component manufacturers throughout the world.

Customer service is the driving force of Callahan Weber Hydraulics and that will remain the same. This partnership will further strengthen our collective capabilities and allows us to expand in providing additional products and services to our customers.

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